Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins in Mumbai

Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins laser treatment known as Endovenous laser ablation is the procedure by which swollen and twisted veins are treated with a high beam laser.  Varicose veins generally look reddish, dark purple or blue. These inflated veins usually develop in the legs. But, they can be found anywhere in the body. They aren’t really serious but can cause discomfort. It may get serious if not treated on time and gets complicated. 

The heat of the laser dissolves the walls of the veins. The body naturally absorbs the dead tissues and inflamed veins are treated. Varicose veins are sealed and blood flows naturally through the healthy veins.

There are two types of laser treatment: 

  1. Noninvasive laser treatment
  2. Invasive Endovenous laser treatment

Whether you need noninvasive or invasive, it depends upon the size of the veins either they are tiny ( Also, known as spider veins) or large (varicose veins)

Noninvasive is performed outside the skin whereas invasive is performed by inserting a catheter and laser through the skin. 

Dr. Jathin


Dr. Jathin is The Best Varicose Vein & Vascular Surgeon in Mumbai. After completing his Post-Doctoral Fellowship, he did his Masters in Complex Vascular Interventions from Sydney, Australia & Advanced Vascular Interventions in Chronic Total Occlusion, Michigan, USA.

Dr. Jathin is also an active Member of the American and the European Society of Vascular Interventions & has a number of Research Papers to his credit. Dr. Jathin is the best rated doctor by his patients. 


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How do we do laser treatment?

We comfort the patient and make him/her calm before the treatment. We use ultrasound to check the image of varicose veins in the computer. This allows us to have a clear picture of the veins to be treated. You lie down on the bed and your leg is cleaned and the area is marked. 

Our treatment is usually painless. We numb the varicose veins area with light anaesthesia injection as the treatment starts.  We make a small cut to insert the catheter into the vein. Firstly, a wire is passed through the needle inside the vein. The catheter is passed into the vein

Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins In Mumbai

Then, the laser is passed up the catheter and reaches the location. The laser energy heats the varicose veins and results in the shrinking and closing up of the veins. We take all precautionary measures to ensure patient and staff safety when the laser is used. This procedure takes 1 to 1:30 hours. After taking some rest, you can go home the very same day. 

You can walk after the treatment. But bring a friend and family member with you. So that they could drive you home. It’s not recommended to drive on your own. We will give instructions and other precautionary measures after the treatment. You need to wear stockings for 2 weeks till it gets healed. The patient may experience little pain for 4 days. Normal anti-inflammatory drugs are enough to relieve the pain. 


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“I came to Mumbai for my wife’s treatment, i searched for good doctor for her leg pain met many doctors, then my nephew in Dubai helped me in finding a doctor on Google , we met dr. Jathin in Lilavati hospital. jathin sir is simply great, Within a week my wife’s leg became normal.”


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