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There is a wide range of liver and hepatobiliary interventional procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, most commonly using CT-guidance or ultrasound-guidance.

What are HepatoBiliary Interventions?

Hepatobiliary cancers include cancers of the bile ducts (Cholangiocarcinoma), liver or gallbladder. Cancer is the leading cause of biliary tract obstruction, after gallstones. Cancers which can obstruct the biliary tract include tumors arising from the biliary tract itself, such as cholangiocarcinoma or gallbladder carcinoma, tumors arising from liver tissue, such as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and metastatic tumors that have spread to the liver from other locations, such as colorectal or breast cancer. Hepatobiliary cancers are the 3rd leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Hepatobiliary cancers are on the rise in India, with increasing numbers of cases projected in coming years. These cancers are notoriously difficult to diagnose, molecularly and genetically highly heterogeneous, refractory to standard therapies, and under-funded. For these reasons, research in Hepatobiliary cancers is an area of urgent unmet medical need.

Doctor will recommend the hepatobiliary treatment based on the complexity of the disease.


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"Very happy with the treatment. Thanks to all the nursing staff and Dr. Jathin. Dr. Jathin was very nice in explaining everything to us. Special thanks to the insurance team for making is very smooth."
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"Life changing experience. Not only my legs look better , they feel so much better. The cramps , swelling and heaviness are all gone . Thank you Dr. Jathin sir. Thank you Nikil and Rohan for getting me the appointment with Dr. Jathin"
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Tasnur Khan
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"Very professional team. I felt very confident going into the procedure and was so pleased with the results. I Highly recommend Dr. Jathin and his team."
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