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Excellent doctor, with immense knowledge about the subject. The best part is he is thoroughly humble. I met him with my brother for his treatment. I was so impressed by the doctor that I thought I will give him a review. I give him 10 on 10 , maily because he explained everything in such detail and with such patience which he hardly find now in doctors now a days. Thank you Dr Jathin

Satish DatKhile

The staff were all wonderful and the doctor just fantastic. A through gentleman well read. He gave me all the information in varicose veins and the line of treatments available. I opted for laser treatment. Now it's been 3 months and veins are completely cured. Thank you Dr. Jatin. I would highly recommend him for treatment of varicose veins

Ajay Rajbhar

Thank you doctor. I am very happy I was treated by you . Thank you so much

Ramesh Shukla

Dr. Jathin is just the best . I was suffering from varicose veins for many years. Now after 1 month my pain has completely vanished .

nagesh kotian

The best place for affordable Vascular treatment. I now feel I took the right decision to bring my father from pune to Dr. Jathin Varicose Vein Clinic to treat as he had server pain due to varicose vein. Dr. Jathin was very kind enough to give us an early appointment and treated my dad's variicose veins using laser . He explained everything before and after the procedure and post treatment care to be taken . it's been 1 month now and my dad is very happy . his leg stopped paining . He is going for his regular walk which he had stopped due to pain . I keep in constant touch with Dr. Jathin about the follow up . and every time he is the same man I met the first polite and kind . I wish I had met you earlier Dr. Jathin . I strongly recommend Dr. Jathin for varicose vein treatment. I have sent him a lot of patients from pune for treatment and every one of them have thanked me for recommending Dr. Jathin

Ganesh Mahto

Best Doctor for varicose veins treatment in Mumbai

Lalmani Yadav

I am very happy with the top class service that I received. I have recommended many of my colleagues to see Dr.Jathin Rai as I feel many more can benefit from this revolutionary treatment.

Ketan Shukla,